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Media Harish Bajaj - Meet the New Billionaire on the Block

Mr. Harish Bajaj

Mohali: Two years after emerging from the oil crisis which completely destroyed his previous company called USPEX LLC, Harish Bajaj is back with the bang and this time the focus in on serving the world with the education which virtually follows no boundaries as the content is being delivered over the internet.

His passion for business after his oil business struggled is unchanged, his entrepreneurial spirit is still focusing on creating value for its shareholders and this time he got lucky with his online education venture called Unfoldu.

Harish Bajaj has even committed that through his Unfoldu personal shareholding he will reimburse all USPEX bond holders. The loss on that front is close to US $10 million.

Unfoldu focuses on the Indian markets and serves Indian students who have access to the internet but cannot afford to have full time tuitions either due to money constraint or the time constraint.

Unfoldu till date is bootstrapped, the company is full funded by him and he is now slowly looking to add strategic investors who can help him expand his vision.

Yesterday, Unfoldu Group Inc. has crossed over US $2 billion or Rs 13,200 crore in valuation, the share crossed US $11.25 on the OTC Premarkets. The company is planning to list on the OTC Markets next year and may raise US $45 million in its Regulation A IPO offering.

The company has only one vision of solving the problem of education in India which may work wonders as the internet is dirt cheap in India and almost everyone has access to the smartphones, though for every 1500 students, India have just one school.

Unfoldu has also started partnering several schools who for a bare minimum cost can provide online content to their students. The strategies will pay off or not depends on the hardwork which the team will put.

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