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Media Online education company UnfoldU proposes ICO, pre-ICO sale to begin in July

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UnfoldU Group proposes to conduct a pre-sale of its UNFLD tokens in July this year to raise the US $5 million or 5% of the total targeted amount.

UnfoldU Group (UNFLD), India-focused K-12 online education company, proposes a regulated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise the US $100 million from the high networth and retail investors. The company competes with leading online education players in India and plans to expand its business operations aggressively. The pandemic has made people adopt online education faster. It is one of the safest methods of accessing education without getting exposed to the deadly virus, which has brought life to a complete standstill and impacted millions of school-going students in India.

The leading schools, including the government-sponsored schools, have shifted to online education to curb any negative impact of state and self-imposed lockdowns. This has opened a large market for online education players. The primary benefit that online education received is embracing from the parents who earlier found online education less impactful than face-to-face learning. It is believed that online education will continue to prosper even if the Covid pandemic ends within the next few 12-18 months. Online education is growing with each day, and it is doubtful that a large percentage of students will shift back again to the old ways of teaching. The kind of animated and interactive content of UnfoldU will help the company retain a large part of its student base.

UnfoldU has a student base of over 100,000 students. It is assumed that the company has over 10-12% paying student base, and with online education taking charge, the majority of them will shift to paid packages. UnfoldU aggressively needs capital to serve the wider audience. As more students are making their first move to the online education space, it calls for the expansion of technical infrastructure. When the chances of converting students into paid customers are increasing, no company in the online education space can afford to play with content quality and the way it is being served to the students.

“The key to the commercial success is focused strategy and enhanced investments. UnfoldU has selflessly helped thousands of young Indian students to adopt online education. Online education, which started as a trial, is now a compulsion in today’s world. The online education infrastructure and content development have to be increased in India to support such a massive surge, and UnfoldU is actively sourcing funds. Our ICO is targeted towards investors who believe in the future of online education. The unparallel comfort and safety online education have brought to the masses is uncomparable. We have plans to expand beyond India,” said Abhishek Bajaj, Director of UnfoldU Group.

UnfoldU believes in reaching customers through a mix of both direct and indirect marketing. Under direct marketing, the salesperson is assigned to give a product demonstration and close the sale. Whereas, under indirect marketing, the leads are acquired through print, social media, and television marketing. Parents accept the concept of direct marketing as they close the sale after having the product demonstration right into their homes.

UnfoldU Group proposes to conduct a pre-sale of its UNFLD tokens in July this year to raise the US $5 million or 5% of the total targeted amount. The pre-sale is usually targeted towards the existing customer base, including the investors who participate for bonuses and discounts to the market price.

The sale of UNFLD tokens will happen in phases, post-pre-ICO sale, Phase I of the ICO will raise US $50 million, followed by Phase II, which will increase the remaining $45 million. With each phase, the token price will continue to rise as there will be a 30-50% price positive variation from the point of pre-sale to the completion of Phase II. The pre-ICO investors usually benefit the most as they secure additional rewards for their early participation. Phase I and Phase II will see participation from the high networth investors. The pre-ICO investors are likely to remain at a handsome profit as they will be buying low and selling high in the later phases.

The pre-ICO sale will be conducted at the price of US $10.00 to selected investors. In case of an excessive response from the investors, the tokens will be distributed based on a first-come, first-serve basis. The blockchain world has limited education projects and none from India; this may open an opportunity for the investors to participate directly in the world’s largest market with the highest number of young people. UnfoldU will target a market cap of US $800 mn - US $1 bn in the pre-ICO stage and the US $1.5 bn - US $2.5 bn by the end of ICO Phase II.

“Till recently, many people believed that online education could be performed via YouTube; the perception is wrong as the content we develop is streamlined. Yes, you may find some good content for free, but the main task of an online education company is to serve data on the screens logically; our systems via artificial intelligence customize the whole experience for the student. We track the performance, which is impossible if you are self-learning through the free content. You cannot compare a medical practitioner with somebody who finds a free cure on the internet”, adds Abhishek Bajaj.

UnfoldU will target to list its tokens on Binance, and Binance owned WazirX (India). However, there is no official confirmation from these crypto exchanges.

In India, UnfoldU is a preferred education brand in Tier II and Tier III cities. The company goes the extra mile to set up the towns that lack support for online education. Recently, the company partnered Bihar government to provide online education to the students. This was done under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The company offered online education software to Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya, Katihar, Bihar, and a third party provided requisite computer hardware. The online education lab got inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad and IAS Udyan Mishra, DM, Katihar.

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