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Media UnfoldU Foundation unique initiative to provide free digital education

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On the occasion of Teacher’s Day in the month of September, the launch of the UnfoldU Foundation is a concrete and effective step taken especially towards the betterment of the society. Founded by Harish Kumar Bajaj, UnfoldU Foundation is fundamentally committed to make significant contribution in the field of education, women empowerment, skill development, sanitation, health and environment. Harish Kumar Bajaj, an NRI and President of the Foundation, is dedicated to making the lives of the citizens of India valuable. His father Ram Chandra Bajaj dreams that he can contribute in helping the society and realizing the lives of the underprivileged in every field. With the aim of fulfilling his dream, Harish Kumar ji has dedicated the UnfoldU Foundation to his father. Ram Chandra Bajaj, who has been awarded the President’s Award for his selfless contribution in the field of education, is guiding the Foundation team to contribute for a better future under his own guidance.

With a well-organized volunteer base, UnfoldU Foundation School continues its priority to provide free world class digital education to students. This commendable work is being done with the contribution of UnfoldU Online Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading digital education brand, which has been recognized by Forbes, Business Connect, CIO Review Magazine and well-known names of media houses like Zee and The Hindustan Times etc. recognized and appreciated by On the occasion of Teacher’s Day in the month of September, UnfoldU Foundation has been launched with the amazing campaign “My Study My Time”. The objective of designing and developing this campaign is to make digital education more interesting and value-adding than ever before. Also it focuses on the concept of providing a trusted platform to the students and parents. Today, where online data on educational resources appears confusing, this initiative offers a solution.

“My Study My Time” is a one of its kind program, through which students and parents will get effective solutions to their problems. This is a very responsible step towards the society, due to which UnfoldU Foundation will make a significant contribution in taking advanced digital education to the general public. This is going to be the first initiative in its field, as under this program, UnfoldU Foundation in association with UnfoldU Online Solutions Pvt Ltd is providing free digital education worth Rs 9,000 crore annually to 1 crore school students from KG to Class 12th Is.
Talking about the launch of the new program “My Study My Time”, Mr. Harish Kumar Bajaj said, “This initiative will surely do wonders in the field of digital education, it is our belief. Now education has progressed so much that it is available online with just a few clicks. Thus, it is extremely important to retain its quality and authenticity. With this program, I and all the members of the UnfoldU Foundation really want to step forward through this initiative towards making digital education simple and effective and at the same time providing it free of cost to the end user.”

UnfoldU Foundation is actively working in various states under this program. These states basically include Rajasthan, Haryana, Orissa, Bihar, Punjab. Simultaneously, the foundation appeals to various households, educational institutions, corporates and NGOs to join this digital education revolution to the next level. In future, the UnfoldU Foundation is planning to take its commendable activities and benefits to the masses even more broadly and on a larger scale. The Foundation is excited to be able to serve school going children and provide quality and free digital education to as many students as possible. Now that public and private organizations as well as major organizations have shown interest in donating to the foundation, the UnfoldU Foundation is leading the way for free education to students. Furthermore, the efforts and contributions of the UnfoldU Foundation are further strengthened with the participation of Jio Group. Under this, students will soon be able to register through various Jio platforms like Jio STB, Jio Phone, Jio Laptop and Jio Browser.

The Foundation’s representatives are directly involved in the field, with the UnfoldU Foundation’s centralized management looking after the respective teams. They mark the area/group/institution or any social establishment that can be helped and supported while joining the field on the ground. The UnfoldU Foundation has also received support from corporates who are particularly interested in engaging with the Foundation as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility activity. The UnfoldU Foundation makes sure that with every help, the right and needy person benefits. Of course, the UnfoldU Foundation has bigger goals, but its commitments and dedication are much bigger.

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